Creating memorable moments

T-shirt Summer party 2020

Illustration: R. Chávez

Every summer we go to Spain to enjoy the vacations with the family. However, this summer the pandemic forced us to stay home. Yet, every day turned out to be more or less the same for the kids: Breakfast, playground, lunch, playground, dinner.

I wanted to do something special for the kids, something to remember this summer. So I decided to throw a summer party at home for them.

We kept the party simple. Some snacks and lots of games. Truth-or-dare, doughnut on a string, swimming pool, pancakes. Just old school stuff.

I added small touches to convey the “summer party” theme. We decorated with pictures, had lemonade, and so forth. This proved a great setup and the kids had tons of fun.

Yet, I wanted to design in a memorable anchor — so they could take the great moments home. For this, I designed a special “Summer party 2020” t-shirt. It features all attending kids in front of a surfboard. As summer-y as it can get.

The kids loved the t-shirt. I wrapped the shirts and put each package on the table where they had snacks. The kids were blown away when they opened the package. One of them even said it was his favorite t-shirt! Everybody put on the t-shirt, making them visually connect as a group.

Last week, on their first day of school, I loved seeing all the kids proudly showing up with their t-shirt, reconnecting as the “Summer party 2020” gang.

Reflecting, I want to apply this concept to future birthday parties: Replacing the “single use plastic throwaways” as gift with sustainable presents that reminds the kids to a lasting memory.

Here are some pictures of the t-shirt in case it inspires you. If you need a hand to create your personal t-shirt, please contact me (Etsy).

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