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Mugs “Best Notary Forever”

2 min readJan 26, 2021


Photo: R. Chávez

PWN Netherlands is a professional women’s network working towards gender equality at work. Lately, they had to amend their articles of association.

Having been a volunteer myself, I know how difficult it is to find volunteers for legal and notarial matters. It’s not as fun as baking cakes for a fundraiser but the truth is: without legal in order, there simply is no association.

Alycke and Jaimy, both notaries at HVK Stevens, altruistically stepped up to give PWN a hand with their articles of association.

PWN Netherlands wanted to thank Alycke and Jaimy for their extraordinary contribution to the association. They didn’t want to play it safe by gifting the typical bottle of wine or flower bouquet. They wanted something meaningful that could truly show their gratitude.

One of the board members of PWN Netherlands contacted me to design a personalized gift for Alycke and Jaimy.

For the design of the mug, I used as a background the first page of the articles of association, which states PWN’s name. I brought in the purple brand color of PWN on the slogan “Keep calm and carry on” but with a twist. Next to it, I added the red notarial stamp with the acronym “B.N.F.” standing for Best Notary Forever — the newly minted professional equivalent of “best friend forever”.

PWN loved the mugs and even asked me to join the in-person delivery, so that they could introduce me as the designer.

No question, at PWN they practice what they preach: women supporting women.

Photos: R. Chávez




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